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Re: Release of the “Road Map For Goa”

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

We thank you for being present for this Press Conference. 

We are a young and a small Party with very big hopes and higher aspirations.

It goes back to the year 2000, when we decided to step onto the political field because all of us who are in the Party and who put this Party together were disillusioned with the political scenario in Goa. We are not politicians and therefore, Goa Su-Raj Party is made up of people who are the voters. We have banded together with determination and commitment to the cause of taking GOA and GOANS to a stature that should be rightly ours, considering our history, educated background and intelligence which are all of the highest orders. We want the voter to place their faith upon this Party. And for that reason we have brought out a “ROAD MAP” which touches upon the major aspects of what is crucially needed for the development of Goa and for the welfare of Goans.

Yesterday’s news item regarding the census figures of the total Goan population speaks volumes about the demographic changes occurring in Goa. As per the news report - the census figures for the year 1960 showed 59.92 per cent Hindus, 38.0 per cent Christians and 1.95 per cent Muslims. The figures for 2001 in terms of percentage was 65.79 per cent Hindus, 26.68 per cent Christians and 6.84 per cent Muslims. The report speaks about the heavy migration of the Christian population. We have questions to ask of the previous several Governments.

One such very important question would be : “ Is the increase of the population of the Hindus and the Muslims a natural growth or is it caused by in-migration?

What is it we want to convert Goa into? What is it---- that the present political partiesare, and have been cooking-up for those of us who are still living and can see these drastic demographic changes taking place due to the faulty, unthinking and cavalier type planning and programs that have been taking place in Goa.

And what is it that Goa is hoping to offer to posterity?. What is the role that Goa will play in the future?

The figures cited pertain to the status existing four years ago , ladies and gentlemen, extrapolate these figures to come to a conclusion as to what is the situation prevailing in 2005 and where we are going to be twenty or more years from now.

This is the reason for our Road Map. It is not a manifesto. It is the belief that we carry deep in our hearts that Goa and Goans can be served only if these steps listed in our Road Map taken immediately. The Road Map is the paper which is not only meant to open the eyes of the voter but is also meant to open the eyes of our politicians.

We are aware that the existing political parties will, to some extent, copy and use some of the things we have mentioned in our Road Map. We hope they do not just copy it only. We will have achieved our purpose if they should perform accordingly.

Our appeal is also to the voter, that he/she should not be blinded by promises but should look very closely at the past performances of the political parties promising bright futures.

20th August, today, is an important day for Goans internationally. Our Road Map is meant also for the Goan diaspora, spread all over the world. And our appeal to them is “Do not sell your properties and houses. Invest in Goa and in Goa’s future”.

Our further message to the diaspora is “ You cannot be a Goan without Goa”

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for your kind patience.


Note: The release function and the Press Conference was held at Hotel Manvin's , Panjim on 20 August, 2005 p.m.

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Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.

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