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The Navy and Dabolim - by Commodore Gilbert Menezes I.N. retd.- COMMENTS

The Navy and Dabolim - by Commodore Gilbert Menezes I.N. retd.

Dear Commodore Gilbert Menezes, Sir,

Thanks to God you are a GOAN. But unlike Air Vice Marshal Erlic Wilmot Pinto who bombed the Emisora de Goa at the Dabolim Plateau on 19 December 1961, you are perhaps a brainwashed retired Navyman who will naturally take up for the Navy which has groomed and brainwashed you. Why did I say \'unlike\' Air Vice Marshal Pinto? Because perhaps he was given to understand that his Goa was being LIBERATED from the Portuguese. He was a blue-blooded Goan, and like me, he perhaps did not want the Portuguese on his Goa\'s soil. And this initiative by India to Liberate Goa was well taken. However, little did he know that he was being USED to drive out the Portuguese to fill the vacuum created by the sly COLONIZER, INDIA, inorder to keep its Defence Minister Mr. Krishna Menon in officeand also annex Goa to India. Who said GOA was a party of INDIA? Goa was and is a part of the Indian Sub-Continent, just like all African countries are a part of the African Continent and European Countries a part of the continent of Europe.

Tell us, dear Commodore, did your Navy really liberate GOA and Goans? If so, why was it necessary to impose Martial Law for 2 years upto 1963? Who does one liberate? enemy or friends? So why did you guys not go back to where you came from after Goa was liberated? just like you came back from East Pakistan after evicting Pakistan from its own territory? Pray why did you not stay there? Moreover, you had valid reasons to do that as East Pakistan was a Part of British India which was divided into India and Pakistan.

Furthermore, what hostile borders does Goa have so that it has to be militarized to the extent that it is now? Do you know how many hectares of land India\'s armed forces and other national agencies are occupying in Goa? and every demanding moe? Does tiny Goa have the responsibilty to house India\'s defence forces for the security of the entire nation? Who are you guys fooling? You guys like Goa for fun and frolic more than for the security of the nation. Yes, this is the fact. And what security are you talking about? I can blow your INS Hansa , the Dabolim airport and the entire city of Vasco to kingdom come by lobbing just one hand granade into the arrary of petrol tanks in the port. Are you with me, commodore?

The Navy is, in deed, illegal in Goa. Mathany Saldanha wanted the Navy to scoot from Dabolim. He had the proofs of its illegal occupation of Dabolim . If he was alive, this would have happened with NO MOPA coming up too. But the vested interests got him killed which is very unfortunate for Goa and Goans. You came in to liberate Goa and not to occupy Goa. This is what Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said in 1956 in Bombay quote

I want to explain myself. If the people of Goa, minus the Portuguese, deliberately wish to retain their separate identity, I am not going to bring them by force, compulsion or coercion into the Indian Union.... I merely add that my national interest involves the removal of the Portuguese from Goa....

Now tell me Commodore, did India ask you or me if we wanted to join the Indian Union? NO. Not at all as required by the UN mandate when indigenous people get liberated. India simply promulaged the citizen\'s act in 1963 and converted all Goans into Indian citizens whether they liked it or not. Was this in conformity with the policies of the United Nation? where both Portugal and India were its members?

Your Navy wants Dabolim for its self for the purpose of fun and frolic. YES SIR. Otherwise you explain the Navy\'s denial of parting the illegally occupied land for the Civilian expansion, but has golf courses and football fields and state of the art bungalows. You guys are not in Goa for the security of the nation. You guys are enjoying life in Goa. Because of your impotent installation at Dabolim, Goa is at risk of enemy attacks which will burn Goa along with your incompetent navy. Besides, your Navy has been conniving with the past Goa governments to put up MOPA so that you can get away with Dabolim for yourselves. NO. This will never happen.

And Yes. TAIP was Goa\'s first indigenous airline. Dabolim was built by Goa\'s PWD in 1958. Nothing elaborate is built to start with. Goa had its humble beginnings UNTIL YOU guys aped Goa and took it over by force. We Goans are happy that the Portuguese were sent packing. And we hoped that Indians would go packing too and/or ask us what we wanted. But your intensions were more than honest.

For your kind information, you got away with holding GOA against the UN\'s marching orders just because the tin-pot USSR helped you with its VETO. Even J F Kennedy remained indifferent after calling Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the PREACHER who was caught coming out of the BROTHEL, with all his tall talks on non-violence.

Hopefully, you now understand that an uniform wearing GOAN cannot brainwash other sensible GOANS through writing in newspapers. If you are licking the hand which is feeding you, it is alright by us. But do not tell us to lick the foot that is kicking us in more places than one in the guise of NATIONAL SECURITY. You have fooled effectively the Goa\'s so called freedom fighters through giving them pensions that they do not deserve, alright. But you cannot fool all GOANS at all times. Period. It will be wise for you Navy guys to shift your INS Hansa et al to Karwar Sea Bird. The sooner the better

floriano lobo
Gen. Secretary
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