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A Clear Writing on the Wall for Goans who can See and who can Read

By: Dr. Jaime Rangel- GT [Tuesday 16th. December, 2014]


Much water has flown down the Mandovi and the Zuari and for the matter sown the Tiracol River sinc ethat day in lat 1961, when the last colonial power in India left the shores of the land we call Goa. It was December the 19th. a date that will remain etched in the pages of Goa\'s history. It provoked certian fears, again expectedly so. But through this churning as one would expect during any political upheaval, a new beginning was sought to be made, a beginning that purportedly, would make Goa a better place for Goas to live in. But a little over fifty years later, these hopes have been belied and the old fears have come back rushing in. Goa finds itself, and by inference, Goans find themselves at the crossroads of another upheaval, this time not just political, but a social and religious one.

It is this churning, in which we find ourselves, that we must aim for and achieve a new liberation. And it is in this season of prayer that we have to cry out for this new liberation from the forces of destruction who will betray Goa for thirty pieces of silver. The cry for a new liberation cannot remain a cry in the wilderness. That voice needs to be heard before the Goa we know and love is turned into a wilderness of greed, of corruption, of fear, of vice, of debauchery, of filth, of intolerance, of obscurantism, of crime and of criminals. These voices have to grow louder and stronger and not allowed to be drowned by those who have a strong vested interest in promoting the worst elements of humanity and human nature.

The first cry goes out asking for a total change in the type of individuals that we elect to be the people\'s representatives. It is here that the road to degradation commences and it is here that we have to focus our greatest attention. For if you curtail the rot that starts from the top, the succeding layers of administrative bureaucracy will filter out the bad apples that dominate these layers. A good individual here and there finds it difficult to survive in this milleu, let alone fighting back. In such a situation, a single swallow does not a summer make. We have to drive this political-bureaucratic structure to work for the needs of the people and not the fulfilment of their greed.

The Goa of today cries out for freedom from fear, a freedom that allows every citizen to express oneself without being threatened by violence, a freedom that will not tolerate any group indulging in threatening and violent postures against their fellow citizens. It cries for a proper direction to the directionless social manoevering that is a feature of life in this state.

It calls for an open society, open to the flow of ideas, an open society that openly battles the forces of the narcotic world and their godfathers among the ppwers-that-be. It cries out for a people free from the stranglehold of drugs, the vices of gambling and alcoholism, the scourge of garbage and filth, the fear of murders and robberies and the sick wold of sex slavery and paedophilia.

We have no choice but to cling dearly to the communal harmony that has been a shining beacon of our state in the otherwise dark recesses of communal violence that envelopes this nation from time to time. We cannot allow individuals with any intolerant or obscurantist agenda to hijack the social and religious discourse in the state of Goa. The bonds between the various communities in Goa go far deeper than the superficiality of television sound bytes. We have an urgent need to be liberated from the sinister designs of such forces whose sole aim is to work towards polarisation of religious communities.

I cry for a new biberation where the prime reason decisions are taken is for the betterment of the inhabitants of Goa. For if the tourists, the industrialists, the fly-by-night operators and the middlemen are the focus where the political-bureaucratic class demands its pound of flesh, then this society is on the way to collapse.

When Goans become second-class citizens in their own land, is when the cries for a new liberation will get louder. We have no choice.

For else, Goa may run out of further liberations. The Goa that was saved at the Opinion Poll on the 16th of January 1967 may just about disappear in the future, destroyed by its own leaders and their comrades-in-arms. We cannot allow that to happen.


By Dr. Jaime Rangel. [GT: Monday, November 10, 2014]

[When will Goa and Goans be truly liberated?]

The whole political drama has ended. Goa has a second representative in the Union Cabinet, this time with a full-fledged Cabinet rank. Fact accepted. Goa has a new Chief Minister, a stroke of luck for the new incumbent. Fact accepted. Goa will continue with the same Deputy Chief Minister, all his protestations at being ignored for the top post notwithstanding. Fact accepted. Goa has swung from the reign of an undisputed leader to one with a disputed beginning. Fact accpeted. Goa will, in a little over a week\'s time, be playing host to the decennial Exposition of the Sacred Relics of St. Francis Xavier, Undisputed fact. Goa will , in a liitle over a month\'s time, be celebrating the 53rd anniversary of its liberation. This is where the facts get blurred and questions arise. Exactlly what are we celebrating? And should we be celebrating at all?

The answers to these questions are manifold and can be found through the events that occured during the course of the last week. They have happened before and keep happening , cutting across political boundaries. The answers that arise from this thought-process only result in one definite conclusion. Goa was a colony of kingdoms and empires of different religious hues, from the distant to the remote past and it continies being a colony of governments and entities in the present. The last political episode bears testimony to this fact. And that is why it begs the question. When will Goa and Goans be truly liberated?

The history of Goa prior to the 19th of December 1961 has been and continues being documented. From times immemorial, Goa has been ruled as an appendage of some dominant entity or the other, Hindu, Muslim or Christaian. The power was elsewhere , the puppets pulling the strings in Goa. The Hindu rulers, at first, with their power bases in Maharashtra and Karnataka, then the Muslims with power concentrated in Karnataka and finnaly the Christians ruling from Lisbon in Portugal. These are undisputed facts that pertain to the period prior to the joining the Indian Union.

What I am trying to find are answers for the questions that arise pertaining to the period after the 19th of December 1961. When we joined the Indian Union. we were given to understand that we were not a colony anymore. But that is not the way it happened.We went from being a Colony of Portugal to being a colony of New Delhi with no opportunity given to the Goans to speak their mind, something that a referendum would have done. The failure to do so led to the situation where Goa and Goans went through the indignity of seeing its own people led by the first Chief Minister collaborating in the exercise to turn it, not just into a colony of Maharashtra but gobble it up altogether, erasing its very identity. This time, the powers-that-be in New Delhi allowed the Goans to speak their mind through the Opinion Poll of 1967, January 16th to be precise. And, did the people of Goa speak ! The rest, on would say, is history. But what sort of history was it? Not exactly glorious, I would say.

Nearly forty eight years have flown by since that day of reckoning when the people of Goa stopped the forces of destruction from erasing the identity of Goa. But what has happened to this identity and this land. It still exists but it lies battered and bruised from those colonizers who swear by the same Constitution that we do, the Constitution of India. Firstly, we had the deputationists from Maharashtra lord over Goans bureaucrats who were designated \'deputanistas\' by the media, a play of two Portuguese words, for their crude, arrogant and overbearing approach to Goans. They did colonise this land with the open support of the then ruling regional Party.

They were sooon followed by the colonisation by New Delhi through their centrally-appointed bureaucrats. By this time a national party had come into prominence on Goa\'s political scene, one with a high command culture, one that led to the doorstep of a single person. New Delhi continued to colonise Goa.

Then a new party sprang up nationally from the ashes of an older dormant party. They claimed to be different. Their functioning, especially the years in power, has proved otherwise. It is the same high command culture and even worse, for now Goa is colonised both by New Delhi and Nagpur.

During the last week, as the scenes unfolded in front of the Goan people, we were witness to the same colonial approach to the solving of problems as has happened over the centuries. Somebody walks in from New Delhi and possibly someone from Nagpur. The repeated pretence of legislators being consulted and of the legislators choosing their leader is gone through while party leaders and spokespersons blatantly insult the intelligence of the Goan people. The message is, \'Do it in this manner because we tell you so\'. And then the bleating of the lambs starts.

The End

GSRP has been commenting on such write-ups since its birth in the year 2000. Today, after these two above, it has decided that it shall stop all commentary. Not because such commentaries are of no use. Only because time has now come for those who read such comments and commentaries to ACT and not to remain complacent. These two write-ups are, in deed, a clear writing on the WALL for those who can see and for those who can read.

Floriano Lobo
General Secretary,

Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.

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