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Dear Goans,

When we hear the word "Politics" , do we not say 'enough of "POLL-TRICKS" ? When we hear the word "Elections", especially when they are forced on us, do we not feel disgusted and irritated? Do we have the trust in the MLAs we elect? For the trouble we take to go and vote, do we get any satisfaction? Do we have faith in our political parties? 

Can we change all this? We ask !
Our VOTE is a powerful 'machine gun'. It has the power to kill and obliterate any and all ambitions of self-seekers, of hypocrites. At the same time, our VOTE is like a 'magic wand'. Rascals know that it can make magic for their fortunes. If this was not true, would they be interested in us? Cannot we become a little selfish and use this magic wand that we hold in our hands to help ourselves, instead? 

How do we distinguish a 'Good Candidate' from a 'Bad Candidate'?
A good candidate will not spend his 'hard-earned' money to get himself elected. He will not offer us things like sarees, TVs, cell phones and motorbikes. He will not give us cricket and football kits, food and drinks. He will not give fat donations to our temples, churches, chapels and clubs. Above all, he will not give us 'tall promises'. A good candidate will need a lot of convincing from us to come forward to contest elections, to the extent that we will have to raise money amongst us for his limited election campaign. A bad candidate will come forward on his own to contest elections. He will invest his 'ill gotten gains' or borrowed money from loan sharks', even to the extent of purchasing the Party's ticket. 

How do we distinguish a 'Good Party' from a 'Selfish Party'?
A Good Party will have clear guidelines under which its MLAs will function. It will not recognize friends from foes when it comes to running the State Administration. It will not mix religion and castes with politics. It will not indulge in 'Poll Tricks'. It will want to put 'US' and not 'ITSELF' in POWER

What do we really want to see in Election Campaigns?
Do we need vehicles with loud speakers to tell us whom to VOTE? Do we need to see the pictures of candidates on posters and banners? Do we want to see a lot of 'hired for the day' people crowding the many tempos, buses and trucks to fill the chairs in public meetings? Do we want to be taken for a jolly good ride by this 'paid' show of support? 

Do we want to make this bye-election in Poinguinim, a memorable one, especially when Poinguinim may not be the Assembly Constituency any more?
Are we not in a modern world?, a world of intense competitions? Do we want political parties to compete with each other to cheat us, OR, to help us ? Don't we like competitions to improve our lives, our living standards? Don't we want better things in life, cheaper? Don't we want essential things we need, such as cooking gas, kerosene, bus fares, medicines etc., even cheaper?? Is that not good competition? Can we see something like this happening on the "Goan Political Horizon"? We must remember that 'WE' have EYES to see and read, EARS to listen AND a good head on our shoulders to THINK. No one will blame us if we VOTED to help ourselves, for a change.

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Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.

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