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Floriano's Sunday Ramblings - 23 ( Of the Bane of India's march towards Progress]

I have chosen two news items, both from the 'Secular Goa Group' on the internet, to ramble-on this week. I have reproduced both the pieces at the end so that my readers may keep the thread of what I am rambling about.

I have said it umpteen times before and I want to say it again, that if India wishes to progress into a world super power (the potential being rightly there), it has to kill its religious fanatical roots (read Hindutva) that are spreading like cancer and more so since the Gujarat episode. When I talk about India as a super power, I am not talking in terms of the arms race or arms supremacy which is basically meant to kill people and the environment which supports life. I am talking about knowledgeable India; India which will use its resources optimally; India that will lead the world in protecting its environment; India that will look at the people of the world as human beings and not as whites and blacks, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, what have you; India that will make technological inroads to bring about the healing process of body and mind. All the parameters are there for the taking, besides India having been in the history books of yore. But it requires the will in our present day political leadership to see the light and crush the worms with sick minds (read Sang Pariwar, Bajrang Dal et al) who are emitting stench as an everyday fare, just like Hitler once did, prompting the world to come down to crush him into nothingness. These worms have not learnt the lesson that Hitler learnt the hard way, but are bent on taking this great nation to its nadir. The father of the Constitution of modern India, Dr. Ambedkar, has himself revolted against the hang-over of these worms to become a Buddhist from a born Hindu. Yet these worms do not seem to have learnt their lesson, neither is there a scope for India's leadership to grow real back-bones to take them on and show them their place. I have always maintained that Lal Krishna Advani, who is the modern day avatar of these hybrid worms, belongs to tihar jail, right from the day of December 6, 1992 for master-minding the plan to down the Babri Masjid. And his plans could succeed only because there was no real leadership at the helm running India's affairs at that time.

We do not see any worthwhile leadership on India's horizon that will shape and/or ensure India's SECULAR POLICIES. The Indian Constitution is an ample guarantee of SECULAR PRINCIPLES. But the worms have been allowed to interpret its core meaning the way they want with no one being there to shut them up. Hence we see no hope of any leadership in the pipeline that will extricate this potentially powerful nation from the hold of bad breath that is being emitted. Today's leaders seem to be born with the weakest of knees. The worst weakness at the knees having been demonstrated by none other than Mr. Narasimha Rao, when he was leading this nation as its Prime minister during the demolition of the Babri Masjid as also by President R.K. Narayanan during the Gujarat's 'Godhra' riots.

Modern India requires leaders of the likes of the 'terminator' who will forcibly flush these worms (read RSS) and consign them to the pits of hell to burn and evaporate into nothingness.

In Goa, we have these worms at work too. Mr. Manohar Parrikar of Khorlim, Mapusa, for one; Mr. Subash Vellingkar of Porvorim for another; and if there is any truth to the information that I have, there is the third person who is believed to be the busybee and has been working overtime as a school teacher in Panjim, one Mr. Ratnakar Lele, one of the vipers from the Bandodkar era, where, according to Ex MP Adv. Amrut Kansar, Bandodkar is believed to have imported high class venom from Maharashtra to poison the minds of Goan Hindus.

We have seen their work during the recent Savordem-Curchorem riots. And we shall see more of it, just like in Mangalore, because these worms work for nothing else than to perpetrate their sick minds on the minds of healthy and the young. And, as if that was not enough, we have the emergence of the a new avatar in Goa, that which is clothed in the white cassock, the clergy of the Catholic (Christian) Church, who have begun to believe that if they came out openly to engage in active politics, to select/choose and field good candidates for the assembly elections by seeking to make 60% concession for the Hindu community (read good Hindu candidates), they can bring about the rule of law and justice which is badly needed in Goa. This vision is indeed commendable and justified in the present day political scenario where the people's representatives have become the paragons of corruption. But sadly this thinking is mired in as mystical a fog as the fog that has been preventing the brains of the RSS from seeing the light for as many as 59 years since the Independence of India. Thankfully, the Church authorities have stepped in at this very initial stages to arrest this wild but necessary thinking of some among the clergy that could vitiate the entire political atmosphere in Goa in further dividing Goans on religious and caste lines, only to benefit those who are interested in destabilizing the peace and tranquility among Goans. This would be like a doctor prescribing poison as medicine to the sick.

The Goa Su-Raj Party, with which I am solidly associated from its inception, took its birth to the understanding and belief that RELIGION and POLITICS must never mix. It has taken this thinking six long years to knock on the ear-drums of the Goan people, but has made very little inroads. And I/we believe that it will take more than another six years for that status to change because Goans are not yet ready to accept that they are in danger.

The only recipe that can improve the lot of every Hindu, Christian, Muslim or whatever in our beloved Goa and our dear India, is to keep RELIGION well within the walls of each-one's own home and within the walls of their religious places of worship and institutions, and come out into the open as pure citizens of Goa, exhibiting the teachings of individual religions (which basically teach good over the bad), to seek to be ruled by 'just' and 'impartial' men/women of proven health of mind/s, more than the book learned qualifications, degrees and decorations. Only then shall we be able to say that the vision of India as the SUPER POWER will loom over the distant horizon to warm us up for what is in store for us and our posterity in the immediate and looked forward to, future.

And that the winds of change have started blowing over India as a whole can be gauged from the fact that the murderer of Priyadarshini Matoo has been caught in the noose; that IRI (India Rejuvenation Initiative) has been born with clean leaders like Ex-super-cop Julio Ribeiro, Ex-Supreme court Justice Lahoti and Ex-election Commissioner Lyngdoh leading the fight against corruption in high places; that the ghost of Barak missiles is haunting George Fernandes in his old age; that Joaquim Alemao over-estimated his JOAQUIMGIRI and is losing his nerves at the very thought of Aires Rodrigues' name; that King Babush Monserrate is losing the castle that he has built through the conversion of land-coastal belt and especially private forests, through the strong enema dished out by the Bombay High Court at Goa which could be even milder than the enema that will come his way if the paintings of the map of Goa he has sold to Tom-Dick and Harry come home to roost as fakes; and finally, that Dayanand Narvekar is shortly to be clean bowled at the stumps of IT Parks in Goa.

And somehow or the other all the GIRIs such as the Rane'giri, Willi'giri, Ravi'giri, Narvekar'giri, Joaquim-Churchill'giri, along with all the big and small giri(s) are floundering with the GANDHIGIRI taking hold through the admirably conceived 'MUNNA BHAI' which is running to house full at the Goa INOX at Panjim. Last night was my first darshan at the Manohar Parrikar built INOX, and after almost 18 hours from the show-time, I can say that I am still laughing. Apart from getting a glimpse or two of MOIRA'S captivating scenes in the movie, I think Gandhiji has come back to stay through his Gandhigiri. And if my party has adopted 'RANG DE BASANTI' as its theme movie, 'MUNNA BHAI' is going to be my party's action plan to strip all our chor politicians to their bare undies and render them running helter-skelter for cover. And I thank my good friends who have persevered in brain-washing me into seeing both these movies, a thing that have always hated, especially the Bollywood ones, with Sharukh Khans and Aiswarya Rai running around trees, dancing and singing. I guess the Bollywood era of the past has changed, once and for all, forever. And I do hope that 'Rang De Basanti' makes it at the Oscars.

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From: "Vidyadhar Gadgil"
To: "Secular Goa"
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 5:15 PM
Subject: [Secular Goa] APPEAL FOR SUPPORT w.r.t. Mangalore violence

10 October 2006


Dear Friends,

The recent spate of communal violence in Mangalore and surrounding areas in the Dakshin Kannad district in Karnataka has left 2 Muslims dead and several hundreds fatally injured. The BJP-JD(S) coalition government took over a week to control the violence.

This is an urgent appeal to all concerned secular voices in India to react and to come to the aid of people terrorized by the communal violence unleashed by the Sangh Parivar forces.

Ananth Kumar, the BJP MP from Karnataka, had declared in 2002 that the Bababudangiri was the Ayodhya of the South. Against the backdrop of the Gujarat riots in 2002, the implicit reference was to transform Karnataka into Gujarat. That today has received a boost in Mangalore and Dakshin Kannad district and is beginning to turn into a horrendous reality. Clear targeting of the Muslim community through physical attacks, looting of their shops, stoning mosques, restaurants and businesses owned by Muslims was in evidence throughout. Though curfew was imposed, the police refused to intervene in several instances, and when they did, Muslims were specifically arrested. The Home Minister of the State, M.P. Prakash, brushed aside the incidents by saying that communal voices exist within the police forces as well and there was little that the Government could do about it. What adds to the alarm is that the recent spate of violence follows years of communal tension created by the Sangh Parivar in the entire coastal belt. Under the excuse of upholding the ban on cow slaughter, the Sangh Parivar have repeatedly taken the law into their hands over the years. They have attacked Muslims, stripped them, paraded them naked, beaten them up, harassed women and looted their shops - all in the name of religion. Despite this history of communal tension that existed in the district, the Police and the State Government have not taken any serious action. Though cases have been filed in police stations, hardly any have resulted in the convictions of the accused persons further endorsing the communal nature of the police.

The immediate provocation for last week's violence was the assault by Bajrang Dal members' of five people who were transporting cattle to a slaughter house. The Sangh Parivar immediately announced a bandh the next day when the actual rioting began. The fact that such violent bandhs are announced and enforced in our democratic and secular India is astonishing. This week also saw retaliation by Muslims against the Sangh Parivar forces. The communal clashes that took place could havealore been avoided had the Police acted on time.

Over the last few years, Sangh Parivar has attempted to destroy the secular fabric in Karnataka by targeting the Baba-Datta shrine on Bababudangiri near Chikmagalur. An example of syncretic traditions in the state, the shrine attracts people of different faiths seeking their God in a common shrine. Baba-Datta shrine is a unique and glorious symbol of secularism and tolerance.

The Sangh Parivar has been targeting the cave shrine on Bababudangiri with the sole intention of destroying this tradition in the name of 'liberating' the shrine from Muslims. In order to achieve their narrow sectarian goal, they have been creating unwanted disputes, putting up historically untenable and legally unsubstantial arguments. To prove their point that the shrine once belonged only to Hindus, they have introduced previously non-existent religious practices like Datta-Male, Shobha Yatre and Datta Jayanthi every year in the months of October, November and December. It is obvious that their main purpose is neither religion nor faith but to target the slim community as 'outsiders' who are bent on destroying the 'Hindu' tradition and culture.

Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike has consistently thwarted the intentions of the Sangh Parivar, countering their agenda and exposing their farcical claims about the shrine.

It appears now as if the Sangh Parivar is seeking fresh grounds to implement their ideology of hatred. With the BJP in the government as a coalition partner, the need for action becomes even more urgent.

We request you all to:

write to the President to intervene and advise the Central Government to take necessary action against a State government which remains a mute spectator to the communal clashes, silently supporting the Hindu right wing forces in Mangalore.

write to the Prime Minister to remind him as the leader of the country and in the event of failure of the State Government to
maintain law and order, it is his duty to accord protection to all sections of society.

Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike calls for:

A ban on the Hindu right-wing organizations such as Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and other for continually provocating communal violence and disturbing the law and order of the society.

A judicial inquiry into the riots to look into and take cognizance of the violence that has left 2 people dead and injured several others. This is the only way we can ensure that the victims are assured justice.

Adequate compensation to be provided to all the victims of the communal violence in the districts immediately.

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Sent: Friday, October 13, 2006 10:05 AM
Subject: [Secular Goa] Priest-initiated campaign to fight corruption divides
Catholic clergy

UCAN: Priest-initiated campaign to fight corruption divides Catholic

UCANews (
PANAJI, India (UCAN) ? A campaign sparked by some Catholic priests in Goa and Daman Archdiocese to clean up political corruption in Goa has divided the clergy in the western Indian state.

On Sept. 23, after Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao refused to support the initiative, 11 priests resigned as officers of Goeche Niz Mogi (true lovers of Goa), a society they formed in June to fight corruption in the state through the electoral process. A state election is due in early 2007.

Father Antimo Gomes, who had been the society's vice president, says people are disillusioned because the same candidates are elected over and over again. Some politicians have been in power 25 years, he notes, blaming this dynamic for producing "corruption centers."

Goeche Niz Mogi, he claimed, by now would have projected "the right candidates" for the election if Church authorities had cooperated. "By now, we would have had (more) members and funds," he told UCA News. He said he resigned his post after he was refused permission to talk about the campaign at the Sept. 14 monthly meeting of priests working in Goa's northern region.

Before registering the society, Father Gomes said, the founders conducted a series of meetings with priests, Religious and laypeople across the state to highlight the need for political vigilance. He said he is upset that people have to pay bribes to get a job, since "there is no way to get a job through normal interview procedure."

According to Father Gomes, the society has been working to defeat heavyweight candidates in nine constituencies. Meanwhile, it hopes to get 60 percent of its governing council members from the majority Hindu community, and to propose candidates in that proportion.

Goa has some 1.3 million people, 26 percent of them Catholics. Each of the state's 40 electoral constituencies has four or five parishes.

Father Gomes said they asked each parish priest to identity five good and prominent Hindus. The society planned to mobilize Hindus through these leaders, or "potential" candidates. "Once the momentum picks up, we priests would withdraw so people could carry it forward," he explained.

The campaign, however, faced a serious problem when it did not get official support. Archdiocesan spokesperson Father Raymond Lawrence says Archbishop Ferrao refused to cooperate because it was not a church movement.

The society's president, James Fernandes, said the Goa archbishop's stand has disappointed him. "Our campaign will go on anyway," he told UCA News.

Father Carmo Martins, a founding member of the society, admits that some priests opposed the idea of priests being involved with the campaign because of the concern that people might associate the campaign with the church.

Father Heinencio de Souza, who opposes the campaign, asserts that a priest's role is to fight for justice and educate people. Direct involvement in politics "will mar the reputation of priests, the archdiocese and the archbishop," he told UCA News, adding that he has to follow his archbishop.

On the contrary, Father Michael Rebello, a supporter, cited the archbishop's May 25 pastoral letter that urged people to help "clean up the political establishment" for "the greater good of society." The letter said it is a "great challenge" to find "upright and truthful leaders" and get them elected.

Father Rebello sees the letter as an endorsement of the campaign. "We can now claim the bishop is behind us," he added, while acknowledging they could not force the archbishop to openly support the campaign. "He's the boss, but we have the right to act independently," the priest said.

Father Emido Pinto, another member of the society, sees hope as several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) now support the campaign. "They are aware that a joint effort is needed to change the world and keep the corrupt candidates at bay," he said.
Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.

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