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Floriano’s Sunday Ramblings-24 [‘RECALL’ - A catalyst for Goa’s French Revolution?]

Goa must give a standing ovation to Kundaim’kars. These ordinary rural folks have shown the grit for self-preservation that Goans have long forgotten. The times gone by of prudent policy making, all of it from under the banyan trees, puts in shade modern day policy making processes conducted from within crores worth of Legislative Assembly Complexes and lacs worth of Panchayat buildings. Kundaim’kars have shown the path to our nation’s fathers to follow through their forced ‘recall’ of all the Panchayat members who could not see beyond their very own noses when concentrating on pillage for themselves. The more sophisticated our thinking becomes, it makes less and less common sense. If Goa’s Panchayat Raj Act 1994 was expected to bring in prudent self-governance, I would like to say, like they say in our good ol’ Konkani, that it is all a ‘bongli fhot’ (bullshit). I believe the smallest waste-paper basket in Goa would be good enough to take care of this malicious and shallow Act, where the salaried elected panchas have been given a green signal by the powers that be to appropriate and misappropriate at will. It was the distribution of plots in the 20-point program to their own kin in Kundaim’kar’s case.. It is the distribution of commercial shops between themselves elsewhere. Now it is the Chicalim Panchayat toting the line of ex-ministers who want to creep back to power thro’ giving a green signal to a controversial shipyard which the people do not want. Soon, the next village that will want to rusticate all its panch members will be Moira, the land of the mad, where the already mad have gotten madder. If at all there was any opposition within this Panchayat, it has melted down to a sweet money-flavoured syrup. May it be the making of path breaking pathways, expensively titled , which tiles the taxpayers themselves cannot afford to put in their humble adobes. May it be the untouched roadside monsoon brambles and gutters but siphoning off Rs. 70,000/- of public funds to line their own pockets. May it be the digging of a public well and contracting it twice over. May it be the building of public projects entirely contravening building rules such as the road set-backs which the Panchayat is supposed to oversee. In this case it is like the mother crab walking backwards and teaching its offspring to walk forward and straight. And the officers such as the BDOs, who are put in charge of overseeing the planning and/or looking after the development of the villages, are seen openly developing the capacities of their own pockets by sanctioning projects left right and center for no rhyme or reason. “Whose father what goes” seems to be the refrain. And here is a novel Panchayat, the Panchayat of Pomburpa, which does not have an iota of shame to declare in the information given under RTI that it did not feel it was necessary to take the N.O.C. from the concerned Health Department for the construction of the sulab toilet with public money, a toilet without a septic tank. And worst still is the beating-up of a senior citizen who was audacious enough to point out this fact purely out of the respect for the environment and gross violations of the existing building laws and rules in force by the very panch members of the Panchayat who have largely gone scot free. For the members of this Panchayat, as well as the authorities governing the Panchayat Raj, the Mandovi River is their septic tank. And why would Karnataka not want to divert its waters? However, the claim of the Panchayat members that there is no space available to construct a septic tank is hard to believe. With so many qualified Civil Engineers and Architects attached to the BDO and the PWD, this is a wonderfully exhibited proficiency of this fattened class. It beats me that nobody thought of building the toilets over the septic tank if at all there was no space to build the septic tank. It is probably time for Pomburpekars to also join the bandwagon and recall its Panchayat members for gross misappropriation, inefficiency and misconduct.

Six years ago when Goa Su-Raj Party came into existence, we put a thought about ‘recall’ in the minds of our national fathers and godfathers minding our nation’s constitution. Article 40 of the GSRP’s constitution spells ‘RECALL’ loud and clear. That six years after, this very Article of this Party’s Constitution should run riot, gives credence to the belief that good intentions multiply in people’s minds. And Article 40 is not the only one to set the precedent. Look at the riot that the Article 38 of this Party’s constitution is creating already and which says. “None of its elected MLAs can hold the chairmanships of government run corporations These have been identified as offices of profit that have become the birth right of even semi-mediocre persons who get elected and which develop vast potentials for the patrons to fill-up their coffers to take care of future elections, people and their interests be damned. And it is not surprising for a person like Dr. Oscar Rebello to have been initially shocked by my statement ‘BOREMCH ZALEM’ when he broke to me the news that Patricia Pinto and Satish Sonak were arrested by Babush Monserrate for protecting roadside mango trees from the choppers in St. Inez. It was enough for him to openly tell the audience attending the Symposium on Goa’s Press organized by Don Bosco’s, Panjim, that he at first thought that this smart alec (me) had missed all of it ultimately as one must do in smart alecgiri, perhaps out of the omnipresent crab-mentality in Goans, staggering back to reality when explained (by me) in the same breath that it would take the stink to rise up to the Goan chin for him to realize that he is in danger of being drowned if he didn’t act fast and pronto. However, we Goans would be unmindful even if the stink reaches our necks. Rightly so, much ado is taking place in the minds of conscious Goans with the devastating new (Monserrate) Regional Plan in circulation. But my sixth sense tells me that unless and until the Catholic Church in Goa realizes the danger that this plan poses for Goa and Goans, all will be lost. There! I have said it!. And there will rise many a trumpets to herald ‘ Look who is talking! The guy who professes that religion should not mix with politics! How very convenient ! But, I would say to them “Look here”. “I was not born yesterday, not to realize that the Church in Goa is the powerhouse that can mobilize a revolution for a just cause”. Any means would justify the putting to end of this so called ‘Regional Plan’ where our Town & Country Planners have preferred to run errands for the T&C Planning Minister rather than do the planning they are engaged for. Otherwise how does one accept the new found attitude of the King of Taleigao that allows him to brag that he has been elected and that he will do what he likes? It is reported that he has even kick-spilled the fish baskets belonging to Nerul fisher-folks selling fish in the Panjim Municipal Market to allow patronage to his Dona Paula fisher folks. Well, Manohar Parrikar couldn’t hold his gall when he was in power. Likewise, the King of Taleigao seems reckless with his gall too. At this moment, comes to my mind the famous adage “ When the tough gets going, the going gets tough” For Goa’s sake, the going must not only get tough but it needs to acquire the sharp edge of the guillotine.

And finally, Goa has been preparing for the last three years to heap on itself the utter shame for having created a fiasco out of the International Film Festival-2006. And Gurudas Kamat has said it most appropriately with his most enterprising connotation ‘KISS’, which simply stands for ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid”. The entire idea of IFFI, starting with Manohar Parrikar has been nothing but stupendous STUPIDITY. All this while, this stupid lot, have put 100 per cent emphasis on the word ‘festival’ and zero emphasis on films. The world over it is vice versa with absolute emphasis on films of the world. But these Goan jack-asses have turned the festival of films into a shameless and extravagant carnival. If anyone wants to know how an International film festival must be organized, they should put me, Gurudas Kamat and another couple of guys in charge the next time and we shall show these nincompoops that the film festival, whether International or otherwise, can be ‘ORGANISED’ with nil expense to the exchequer, grossing very high profits, as well as giving the utmost satisfaction to the lovers of films the world over.

Are there any takers?

Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.

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