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Diwali Day Ramblings

Let me start by wishing every fellow Indian a very happy Diwali Festival, 2008.

And to make my point that the Diwali Festival is not only indigenous to the Hindus, but universally to the Indian world over, the following is the greeting message that has gone out from my party on this occasion:

On this day of Festival of Lights 2008, the Goa Su-Raj Party wishes the Indian World over a very happy and joyous Diwali. May the intensity of the lights be such that it does not blind certain people to the realities of universal brotherhood.
Needless to say that the intensity of the Diwali Festival's light is limited to the feebly flickering low intensity flame of the wick in a puny earthen-wear oil-holder.

In the above context, I appreciate the stand taken by the Editor-in-Chief in his editorial of the illustrious 'Goa Today', Shri Vinayak Naik ( October 2008 issue) captioned 'Bagging the Barbaric Badge' . We need more and more liberal and secular minded and highly placed persons of the Hindu faith to come out openly against the barbarity which goes on in the name of protecting one's religion. What we see is outright 'fascism' which has been trounced the world-over, trying to get acceptance in India, carefully camouflaged to present it to the gullible illiterate Indian as the protector of his religion of birth.

Furthermore, the editorial article by Pramod Khanddeparker (GT- October 27, 2008) captioned 'German minor case and HC's take', who is talking about Goa getting a bad name across the country and abroad, makes a hit sense when he concludes the more dedicated piece on the above captioned topic with the following:

Goa is getting bad name across the country and abroad because of the shameful incidents like sexual assaults particularly on foreigners and attacks of the type made on Aires and Prajal. Similarly, Goans are wary of the steady collapse of morality and social values wrought by uncontrolled tourism and deteriorating political system.

That the deteriorating moral values have given birth to dirty politics is a fact that cannot be denied. Otherwise how does one explain the pre-planned attacks on social activists like Aires & Prajal in Panjim, C. S. Barretto at his home the previous night of the Gram Sabha, in Assagao, The physical removal by force by the police of Ms. Venita Coelho from the Gram Sabha in Moira (unfortunately, my dear village)?.

When I spoke at the 'Solidarity Meet' at Azad Maidan, Panjim, on 16/Oct/08, to condemn the vicious criminal attack on Aires & Prajal, my opening statement was: " I am in business" .............. "to replace dirty politics with clean politics".

But though this lone voice of the Goa Su-Raj Party will reverberate in the labryntian consciousness of the people of Goa without having any effect for much more time, it is hoped that in time, the consciousness will wake up to the fact that there cannot be a change for the better unless and until the Goan psyche is jolted into awakenness and are ready to take the first step towards having our politics put back on a SYSTEM that we at Goa Su-Raj Party have been shouting hoarse for the last ten years and which voice is being echoed very very feebly by numerous others including Pramod Khandeparkar.

If one goes to the fish market, one sees a lot of 'seeming not so fresh' fish displayed on the fish trays of the fish vendors. No one even takes a second look at it even though one may benefit immensely from its purchase, but would go in for what seems to be fresh and costly (with gills brushed with blood red fabric dye).

Pardon the rhetoric, but this is exactly what it is. The seeming not so fresh SYSTEM of GOVERNANCE displayed on the tray is in fact the SYSTEM put out by the Goa Su-Raj Party since the year 2000, full of very effective cleaning agents and self-sacrifices. And it will be kept on display until the Goan people mature to the fact that what is on display and vastly ignored is something that can save them the load of misery that is yet to descend on their heads from voting in for a 'NO SYSTEM' governance, again and again.

And the general tendency that the Goans are displaying w.r.t politics which is to 'pick up the first thing which comes knocking at our doors begging to be picked up' may be something much more inferior or rather useless than the one which is readily displayed in the market place, having missed out on the opportunity to have something worthwhile just because we were lethargic to go in search for what we actually need.

This is manifest when we hear "But they never came to us during the election time".


We need to come to terms that POLITICS,
Which acutely affects our daily lives,
Can also be CLEAN.
Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.

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